We hosted stakeholders from UK rDME Project

At the end of April, we hosted key stakeholders from the UK rDME Project to discuss the latest developments in…

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Stena Line Navigates Towards Sustainability with MannTek

Stena Line, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with MannTek, leads the charge in sus­tain­able shipping by adopting methanol as marine fuel. Together, they…

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Manntek plays a significant role in the building of the world’s first sLH2 refuelling station.

Teaming up with Linde En­gi­neer­ing, Daimler Truck has built the world’s first Sub­cooled Liquid Hydrogen (sLH2) re­fu­el­ing station in Wörth/Rhein.…

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Opening of our Indian Office

MannTek celebrates the inauguration of MannTek Couplings India Pvt. Ltd., marking a milestone in our journey to provide tailored solutions…

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Swedish Technology on the Pioneer

Norwegian Hydra is the first ship to run on liquid hydrogen - the key is a Swedish hydrogen connection. Hydra…

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MannTek provides all couplings in world first Carbon, Capture & Storage project

On March 8th, Project Green­sand ini­ti­at­ed First Carbon Storage, the world’s first, cross-border offshore CO2 storage project. All the cou­plings…

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Lubmin harbour

Manntek provides FSRU-LNG terminal in Germany with complete systems for safe and efficient transfer

In September, Deutsche ReGas started the construction of an LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal in Lubmin in the northeast of…

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Design with one clear mission: the best couplings in the world

With Design 2.0, the new generation of the Dry Disconnect Coupling and the Dry Gas Coupling, we present major improvements…

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Development milestone for liquid hydrogen fuelling – and MannTek provides the solution

Daimler Truck – one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers – is targeting a 1 000 km range for…

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Manntek Product Manager

Meet Michael Adam

Michael Adam had known MannTek for years. He has worked in the business in several roles as for example product…

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LNG solution project controller

Meet our LNG Project Controller Sanna Andersson Eriksson

When Sanna Andersson Eriksson graduated after studying natural sciences at high school, the goal was clear. Her next step was…

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LNG transfer system LNG bunkering, ship to ship

Sister ships LNG STS bunkers in Malaysia

Sunday the 25:th of April another “first of” took place outside the south coast of Malaysia inPasir Gudang, Pengerang when…

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Manntek Quality Director

Meet Richard Butler Quality Director

Already as a young man, Richard Butler from Nottingham, United Kingdom chose a smart path. Instead of traveling by train…

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Manntek Technical Director LNG Solutions Coupling

Meet our Technical Director Gerhard Kopplin

Developing a company in an industry driven by innovation and security is no easy task. Gerhard Kopplin knows. The challenges…

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Liquefied Natural Gas LNG Transfer solutions bunkering ship to ship Insulation flange, Hose tail, dry Cryogenic Coupling, Powered Emergency Release Coupling PERC, Cryogenic breakaway coupling, transfer hose, hose saddle, PERC control, Fall arrest, vessel separation device, VSD line

LNG Solutions

We are the leading manufacturer of LNG transfer and bunkering systems.

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Manntek market leader copulings liquefied natural gas solutions LNG, liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG, Nitrogen, Hydrogen

Cooperating competitors verifying a global standard

On the 22nd of July history was made in the development of LNG bunkering and its future when one of…

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