Innovative accessories

For every product there are accessories. We customize your products with the details that makes the solution complete.

Selectivity (coding) system

To prevent accidental mixing of media, a selectivity (coding) system for DDC is available. Tank…

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•Draining tool for DDC hose unit.•Draining tool for DDC tank unit. •Full range of spanners…

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Hose bun

Lifting device used to gently lift hoses and protect hoses from excessive external forces. The…

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Reducers/Spool pieces

A wide range of spool pieces, Y-pieces and reducers are offered to optimize flexibility of…

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Insulation flange

The insulation flanges are used to prevent electrical conductivity in the hose transfer line.

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Used In combination with purge line to allow release of Purge line as well as…

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Purge lines

Used to purge transfer hoses after transfer operations by injecting Nitrogen. The purge line connects…

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Hose protection cover

A ridging Kevlar re-enforced protection sleeve designed to protect the transfer hoses from external ware…

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