The MannTek Way

We are living our company values every day. And every one of the MannTek family knows that without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. With customer orientation in everything we do, an entrepreneurial spirit and no hierarchy. Or as we call it – the MannTek way.

MannTek has a history of innovation and customized quality coupling solutions. With strong, experienced and dedicated teams consisting of 72 employees spread across seven countries, MannTek aim to conduct business with respect and understanding.

One piece production

To ensure an efficient process we practice one-piece-production. Just-in-time manufacturing. That means that parts can be made available when they are needed in the quantity that is needed. At MannTek, independent operators are responsible for quality and the total production cycle. We also have automated computer-controlled pressure testing and short set-up time for rush orders. This means no or minimized production planning thanks to skilful dedicated personnel.


Thanks to our unique process we get constant quality feedback and confirmed testing results with all data recorded. The production is set up to be ergonomic for our co-workers and make their working situation more comfortable.

100% traceability

At MannTek we ensure full material traceability for all components (3.1 EN 10204). Our couplings and transfer solutions get their own identification number. The ID number makes it possible to trace full material certificates retroactively. All our test cycle data and the identity of the picker and the assembler/tester are recorded. This means we are certified for ISO 9001:2015, PED 2014/68/EU (Module D1) and ADR/RID.

Cryogenic testing

We ensure that all components are cryogenic tested before delivery. At MannTek we have all facilities on site for cryogenic tests. We also offer Factory acceptance test (FAT) on site, available for complete transfer systems.

Spill free handling of fuels, chemicals and gases

MannTek has the widest product range in the world. We sell our products and solutions worldwide through distributors and OEM’s with 99% export share. All our components are produced by subcontractors and the key subcontractors are integrated in quality assurance systems. The products developed over the last 10 years have given a 50 % turnover.

Award winning and proud

At MannTek we are very proud of what we do. We also have the highest credit worthiness since 2006. And our unique company, process and solutions have given us several awards.

  • “Di Gasell Företag”, awarded.
  • “VA Superföretagen”, 9 times awarded.
  • The good example – regional community, award winning.
  • Regional Industrial price- IDC, award winning.

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