Dry Aviation Coupling DAC

Dry Aviation Couplings

Dry aviation couplings are specially designed for handling aviation fuel and can be found at any point in the aviation fuel logistics.

Quick and safe connections of hoses and loading arms to mobile and stationary tanks, tank trucks, dispenser vehicles, under pressure and with minimized liquid loss.
Dry aviation couplings according to ISO 45 / STANAG 3105.

Material:Material: Aluminium, Stainless Steel. No yellow parts in contact with media.
Seals:Seals: FKM, NBR, low temp seals etc.
Working pressure10 Bars

Available with threaded and flanged connections, for both hose unit and tank unit. Not approved for underwing refueling.

Dry Aviation Coupling DAC


Technical data

SocketThreaded connectionsFlanged connectionsFlow rateMaterialsSeals
Dry Aviation Coupling DAC2½” (DN65) 105 mm BSP and NPT EN/ANSI/TW/TTMA Up to 2.100 L/min Specified in configuratorFKM, NBR

Innovative accessories

Colour coding Innovative Accessories

Colour coding

For a clear assignment of coupling and medium, the body, flange and handles of our couplings are available in any…

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Drain connection for tank and hose unit Innovative Accessories

Drain connection for tank and hose unit

For easy draining, venting and sampling.

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Hose unit with electronic sensor Innovative Accessories

Hose unit with electronic sensor

The sensor detects whether the valves are in an open or closed position. The signal from the sensor may be…

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Locking device DDC Coupling Innovative Accessories

Locking device

Option for hose units. Once coupled, the connection is automatically locked and can not loosen unintentionally. No modification on the…

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Hose unit with integrated breakaway Innovative Accessories

Hose unit with integrated breakaway

If there is a risk of excessive force on the hose due to unexpected motion between the loading and unloading…

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Pressure equalizing valve Innovative Accessories

Pressure equalizing valve

If liquid is trapped behind the tank unit, due to a closed valve or the tank unit being exposed to…

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Special handles Innovative Accessories

Special handles

Customized for special applications.

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Pressure bleeding valve Innovative Accessories

Pressure bleeding valve

For special operating conditions where there is the risk of excessive pressure increase through warming in the pipe/hose system. To…

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Adapter solutions Innovative Accessories

Adapter solutions

Often used in military application when transition from Dry Disconnect Couplings (STANAG 3756) to Dry Aviation Couplings (STANAG 3105) is…

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Tank Unit with eccentric flanges Innovative Accessories

Tank unit with eccentric flanges

Tank units/adapters with eccentric flanges are available in sizes 1” to 6”. Eliminate risks of liquid remaining in the pipe…

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Dust cap and dust plug Innovative Accessories

Dust cap and dust plug

Dust plug to protect the couplings against the ingress of dirt and water.

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Parking device Innovative Accessories

Parking device

For safe and dedicated storage of hose unit. Available with or without parking sensor.

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Non projecting pistons Innovative Accessories

None projecting pistons

When coupled, the piston spindle does not protrude. This special type is e.g. useful when tank unit is direct mounted…

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Airport drainage coupling, Drainage of tank trucks and systems Transfer fuel airplane

Landvetter Airport

Replacement of couplings in airport tank trucks and loading depots to drip-free couplings at Landvetter Airport. MannTek supplied self-closing couplings,…

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