Manntek Product Manager

Meet Michael Adam

Michael Adam had known MannTek for years. He has worked in the business in several roles as for example product manager and technical engineer. He noticed the positive development of the company to the market leader and after 17 years working in the business it was time for a change. He thought about his future and the different possibilities very carefully. The most important points became increasingly clear – he wanted to stay in the industry, looking for a long-term relationship in a middle-sized company. The new position should of course match his skills as well as a centred life in Germany.

A perfect match

MannTek became the perfect match. His first meeting in Mariestad was a warm welcome and agreement was immediate. Michael was impressed how quick, solution-oriented and unbureaucratic MannTek was and is. He felt very good and right and it was quite clear that he wanted to work for MannTek. The CEO Markus Bäckström said that there was absolutely no problem for Michael to work from Germany. “I want you to work for MannTek but not at MannTek”, Markus says.

The idea of his new role inside of MannTek perfectly matched his and the companys expectations. It also fit in very well with Michael’s professional past at RS, as he ended up working as a product manager. Now he is in his third year and still proud to be part of the MannTek team. Michael would like to understand and speak a bit Swedish “To learn Swedish is a kind of respect. And I really have to improve my Swedish.” he says.

Michael Adams office is in the centre of the state Schleswig Holstein in the north of Germany, located in a small town called Nortorf – a perfect location between Hamburg and Kiel. His home is only 10 minutes away. It takes 20 minutes to the ferry to Sweden and 45 minutes to Hamburg and thereby to the rest of the world. It is a very nice office equipped with everything you need for a professional work. It is also possible to receive visitors. “So, you are always welcome.” Michael says.

The Swedish spirit and the MannTek way

Michael has one strong opinion – working for MannTek really means being part of the MannTek family. Even if you are working from outside Sweden. Therefore, he wants to come as often as possible to Mariestad just to meet my colleagues and to keep in touch. The Swedish spirit in companies seems strong to him, but MannTek is exceptional in this matter. It really differs compare to other companies. He believes that the most important thing is the trust in the employees. That´s binding the people to the company and ensures that they identify with MannTek. That leads to high-performing and motivated employees, compared to other companies that often use pressure and control. Another important difference is the way people treat each other, especially in terms of respect and appreciation. That is rarely found in other countries if you ask Michael.

A flat hierarchy, quick decision-making processes, communication at eye level, high level of competence in all areas – all of this makes MannTek a very attractive employer according to Michael Adam. There is already the image that MannTek is the “Google from Mariestad”. It all works on long-term; the management pay attention that health and work is balanced. Beside all the workload the work should also make a bit fun. “If you like what you are doing, then you are good at what you are doing. Then the productivity comes along.“ Michael concludes.

An exciting and wide role

The role as a product manager covers most of Michael’s tasks best. It´s equal complex, interesting and challenging and it fits perfect to his skills and competences. According to his background as a mechanical engineer he is a technology orientated person. In the past he developed further in the direction of market, customer responsibility and projects.

He works close to all parts of Manntek such as management, design, sales, and marketing. A good relationship is necessary. His responsibility is wide and contains commercial, technical and representation.

Generally, the role covers equally sales and technics. The sales work will lead into the design for improvement of the existing products, further developments or new standards and approvals.  

Michael Adam always works close to MannTek’s customers. For some of the customers even as a key account manager. For him it is indispensable to support them in their daily business and to clarify the requirements of the existing MannTek products or further development – the only way to successfully handle larger projects together.

The future

The main task for Michael is to help further expanding MannTek´s position as the market leader. He is focused on the existing market like oil, gas and chemistry but also on the future markets like cryogenic gases. His task is to protect and expand the presence in this market. MannTek must be present and quite close to the customer to clarify the requirements for the existing applications and for further development.

On the other hand, the company must handle the global changes in our world. The biggest challenge will be the energy transition and climate change. This will of course affect MannTek and we have to find new market segments, customers and applications.

Michael Adam is looking very confident in the future, because this change process has already started. MannTek products for cryogenic applications like LNG and hydrogen are preparing the future right now. And new exciting development, solutions and products are on their way.  Be prepared!

But there are also risks. One of the biggest challenges is to keep the MannTek-spirit alive even if the company is growing. Projects and requirements becoming more complex. The market is diversified and more specific. MannTek has an increase of costumer support in quality and quantity. To keep the performance in terms of quality we need to keep or further expand our competence and find the right employees.

All that requires more structure and planning of resources while keeping the flexibility and the MannTek spirit. Michael is convinced that the coming challenges are possible for the company to solve together. The market experience, the technical and sales performance and the widest product range will create great opportunities and further grow.

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