SafetyBreak-away couplings

Safety Break-away Couplings

Safety Break-away couplings are used to prevent pull away accidents, protect terminal and loading/unloading equipment and eliminated unwanted product release. The break-away couplings has a diverted breaking point which will break at a determined break-load where upon the internal valves will automatically close on both sides. This will in a longer time frame minimize down time, save money, equipment and the environment.

The Safety Break-away couplings are available as Industrial and Marine type.

Industrial Break-away

Typically installed into loading arm and hose assemblies, where at least one side of the coupling is attached to a rig and fixed point.

Marine Break-away

Marine Safety Break-aways are designed to only release by inline pull and used between two strings of hose.

Safety break-away Coupling function

The SBCouplings, Safety break-away couplings has three external break bolts. In the case of axial tension all of the bolts take up the force corresponding to the break force on the hose with a safety margin.

How it works - before and after emergency disconnect

Non-axial forces concentrate the tension forces more strongly on one bolt, so that the safety break-away coupling reacts in a natural way to the reduction of the hose break forces.

Before emergency disconnect

The safety break-away valve consists of two halves, each with a valve that has a o-ring seal.


After emergency disconnect

When the SBCouplings separate, it allows the valves to close. The two valves closes rapidly, minimizing exposure to personnel and the environment.

This is a completely different type of coupling than, for example, Dry Break Couplings.

Features and Applications


  • Passive security against situations where a hose or loading arm could be subjected to inadvertent excessive loads.
  • Design features are a simple mechanism and no loose components which could belost after release.
  • Operates independently of shut off safety system and does not require an externalpower source.
  • Easy to reset on site with one person High flowrate / low pressure drop
  • Very low loss, positive shut-off of both coupling halves results in minimum product loss.
  • Lightweight and robust design.
  • Available with ANSI/DIN flanges or threaded (BSP or NPT).


Liquified gases

  • LPG, Butane, Propane and Blends.
  • Co2, DME, LNG

Chemicals and Hydrocarbons

  • Aromatics, Ethylenes and Propylenes, VCM, Alcohols and Acids, Diesel, Jet A1.
  • Refrigerants Forane.

Oil and Petrochemical

  • Bulk Loading/Unloading, Road Tankers
  • Rail Tankers, Process Product Transfer
  • Tank Cleaning

Marine and Offshore

  • Ship to Rig Fluid Transfer
  • Ship to Shore Fluid Transfer
  • Ship to Ship Fluid Transfer
  • Bunkering, Marine Refuelling


  • Hydraulic Oils, Inks, Paints, Solvents, Locomotive Fuelling, Helicopter Fuelling
  • Food processing industry
  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Power plant construction, Food processing industry
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