Dry Gas Couplings

The Dry Gas Coupling has been developed for a safe and quick connection and disconnection of hoses and loading arms to tank trucks, rail tankers and tank containers. During connection and after disconnection there is no spillage.

Mann-Tek Dry Gas Coupling for safe handling of LPG - in liquid or vapor phases

This increases safety in the loading process of hazardous fluids.
Suitable for handling a range of LPG applications - Propane and Butane but also for other applications with similar requirements the Dry Gas Coupling is useful.
The robust design, easy servicing and high level of security assures safe and frequent use on a long term basis. This protects the environment and the media handled, reduces the risk of accidents and saves money.

A modular design with several optional features makes it possible to find individual solutions for your special application.

Handling of Gas (LPG) with Dr Gas Couplings

Heavy vehicle filling 1"
Loading/unloading of bobtails 2"
Loading/unloading of tank trucks 2"-3"
Loading/unloading of rail cars 3"
Loading/unloading ship to shore 3"-4"


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