Cryogenic Break-away couplings

Cryogenic Break-away Couplings

Cryogenic Break-away Couplings are products in our new product line for cryogenic (also called cryo) applications.

Cryogenic Break-away Couplings are a further development of our Safety Break-away Couplings which has successfully been used to prevent pull-away accidents in the petroleum, chemical and LPG industry all over the world.

The new range of Cryogenic Break-away Couplings can be installed either at fixed points or in the middle of hose strings.

The function of Cryogenic
Break-away Couplings

The Cryogenic Break-away couplings are available as Industrial and Marine type.

Industrial Cryogenic Break-awayIndustrial Cryogenic Break-away

A industrial Cryogenic Break-away coupling is
typically installed into loading arm and hose
assemblies, where at least one side of the
coupling is attached to a rig and fixed point.

Release with a tensile force being applied at an angle
to the plane of the coupling housing, up to 90 degrees.

Marine Cryogenic Break-awayMarine Cryogenic Break-away

Marine Cryogenic Break-away Couplings
are designed to only release by inline pull
and used between two strings of hose.

Release by inline pull only.

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