Design with one clear mission: the best couplings in the world

With Design 2.0, the new generation of the Dry Gas Coupling, we present major improvements to both flow performance and user experience. Our mission is clear: to design the very best couplings in the world.

While staying true to our strong heritage of per­for­mance, safety, user ex­pe­ri­ence and service friend­li­ness, Design 2.0 is based on user tests where real applications and usage were studied in detail. From the results, we have managed to achieve several significant improvements.

The new design carries on the successful MannTek heritage.

  • Up to 45% improvement in flow capacity, means shorter loading time and reduced energy consumption
  • Up to 40% reduction in connection force (together with improved material properties) means reduced component wear and an increase in coupling durability.
  • State-of-the-art ergonomics with the reduced connection force and optimized handle design, offers outstanding handling resulting in minimal physical stress on the operator.
  • MannTek’s easy-to-service design unchanged.
Design 2.0 – 2″ Dry Gas Coupling

“Much more comfortable and easy to connect”

Here are some comments from happy field test customers:

“The drivers are really appreciating the new couplings. One driver told us to replace all the other couplings at once.”

Jan Lindén, Site Manager at St1 fuel depot Gothenburg

“The operators are very happy withthe new handles. They are much better than the old ones. They wish to replace all old couplings with the new Design 2.0.”

Karin Lagerstedt – Senior Manager Engineering at Fuchs Lubricants Västerhaninge

”We are very happy with the new couplings. They are incredibly easy and convenient to connect/disconnect.”

Rolf Thåström – Operator at FloGas LPG depot Stenungsund


New Design Language

  • Design based on handling and ergonomics
  • Integrated shape of body, handles and bumper
  • Bumper with guidance covering the roll axles
  • Detail finish by new manufacturing methods
  • Cylindrical handle interface reduces volume

New Market Leading Performance

  • Up to 45% improved flow capacity
  • Up to 40% reduction of connection force
  • Leading user ergonomics through force reduction and optimized handle design

Major Customer Benefits

  • More convenient handling with reduced stress on muscles and joints
  • Improved flow rate means shorter loading time and reduced energy consumption
  • Increase of durability, through force reduction and new materials
  • MannTek’s easy-to-service design kept unchanged!

Ergonomic studies and conclusions

Operators and end users were studied in real applications and usage. Results of studies were implemented in the new design. Ergonomic field studies show that the connection process consists of three steps: lifting/handling the hose line, aligning the DDC for connection and connecting the DDC by rotating 105 degrees.

  • ”Diamond shaped” handle grip optimized for comfort and force.
  • Convenient ”push surface” for increase of applied torque, when needed.
  • Minimized shank footprint diameter.

Integrated design improves performance and handling performance

With experience of more than one million couplings delivered over 25 years, MannTek decided to set a new standard for DGC couplings. The Original Design 1.0 is known for it’s highly competitive performance and is well-regarded worldwide. The new Design 2.0 is a careful evolutionary redesign, based on results from field studies and user tests.

With Design 2.0 both flow capacity and user ergonomics have
been improved to a new state of the art level. The flow capacity is
increased above 40% through design optimisation, and has been
verified in a number of incremental flow rate simulations.

The ergonomics are improved on a number of points:

  • Clear visual indicators for easier alignment
  • Connect forces reduced up to 40%
  • New handle design offers a more convenient, balanced and
    effective handling, beside a more compact rotation volume
  • Design 2.0 offers more optional feature combinations like sensors,
    locking device, stop before disconnect etc.

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