Dry Gas Couplings for
underground LPG storage tanks

Replacing existing LPG bunkering equipment for small storage tanks with modern Dry Gas Couplings.

Dry Gas Couplings for underground  LPG storage tanks

The new coupling design, based on the proven DGC design, helps the operator to connect and disconnect when delivering LPG. The coupling is designed for usage of small storage tanks like private home tanks, restaurant tanks, smaller industry tanks etc. and is designed to be used for both underground and above ground tanks.

On the small LPG tank, a tank unit with an ACME thread connection is installed to make the LPG delivery operation possible without any tank modifications.

When connecting, the operator pushes the hose unit onto the tank unit and turns the coupling 105°. Connecting and opening the valve is only one operation. To make the disconnection the procedure is just reversed, and valves are automatically closed before full disconnection.

The handles on the hose unit can easily be changed, depending if it’s an underground or an above ground storage tank. The long handles are for underground tanks and the short handles are for above ground tanks.

The built-in swivel function prevents the hoses from twisting or kinking and can freely rotate from the nozzle which makes operations easier and extends life time of the hose.

When disconnection, the maximum product release is limited to 0,4 ml due to the optimized and self- closing valves at both the tank unit and hose unit.



Today’s way of filling small LPG tanks

When using traditional ways of filling small LPG tanks, the operator has to knee over the tank and can easily be exposed for suffocating gases trapped in the underground tank pit. 



New filling concept for small LPG tanks

The new nozzle with Dry Gas Coupling for filling small LPG tanks keep the operator at a safe distance and makes the operation quick and spill-free and provides a more ergonomically working environment.


  • Safe
    Product kept in line, operator not exposed to the media.
  • Environmental friendly
    Minimized product release.
  • Easy to use
    One operation to connect/disconnect.

Technical information

1” DN 25, height 50 cm
Stainless steel 316
FPM/FKM (Viton®), HNBR & R
(Nitrile) Other materials on request.
Maximum working pressure
25 bar, 300 psi
Safety factor
For TU : ACME 13⁄4 inch female
for HU NPT 1 inch female