Flogas AB

Flogas AB in Sweden is an example of a LPG company that managed the transition to and the use of spill-free gas couplings, Dry Gas Couplings, very well. Flogas AB renewed the equipment in all its rail loading and customer delivery, and has today a much safer and faster system to load their trucks and rail tank cars.

I am very pleased with the new couplings that we’ve been running for two years and haven’t  had any problems with. We use them both on the loader boom and for the hoses, and it works just as well. We will never go back to the clumsy and unwieldy system with threads or flanges.”

Lars-Erik Andersson 
Site Manager Flogas Terminal
Stenungsund, Sweden

After a period of time using the Dry Gas Couplings from MannTek, we have realized the benefits compared to how we loaded before. Our use has been problem-free and all work is now done faster and safer.”

Staffan Ganås
Terminal Manager Preem Gas
Gothenburg, Sweden

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