Our latest rDME Design 2.0 Dry Gas coupling

Explore the future of sustainable energy coupling as Cenkiz Tesson shares insights on MannTek’s latest rDME Design 2.0 DGC. Don’t miss the chance to stay at the forefront of innovation – watch now and join the conversation!

MannTek is a pioneering and innovative company with great initiatives when it comes to product developments. At MannTek we are all dedicated people working towards finding next gen solutions in the current ongoing energy transition.

Because many of us at MannTek are working globally it gives us an excellent opportunity to quickly identify new industry requirements like for example the now upcoming rDME applications. All MannTek’s solutions are designed together with the stakeholders, and we are members of various associations like the World LPG association, Liquid Gas Europe and Liquid Gas UK.

When rDME is blended in high percentages with LPG this mixture will become chemically more aggressive, and this could result in a more challenging demand for the equipment. MannTek’s rDME Design 2.0 Dry Gas Couplings fulfill all these requirements for rDME applications and the new design 2.0 rDME coupling is based on MannTek’s know-how, dating back for over a decade when MannTek was already supplying couplings for bioDME applications in Sweden.

Design 2.0 rDME Dry Gas Coupling

Developing togethter

In partnership with Liquid Gas UK and stakeholders the MannTek team is involved in the COP (Code of Practice) and developed rDME dedicated couplings offering a perfect coupling solution.

Handling aggressive media is a part of MannTek driving developments forward and meeting new requirements faster than others. Our solutions can be implemented immediately in today’s LPG systems. We have more experience than anyone else in the industry, and we also have the best coupling for handling rDME.

What is rDME

rDME, or Renewable Dimethyl Ether, stands as a secure, environmentally friendly, and sustainable fuel. This innovative solution promotes the reduction of carbon emissions (CO2).

Use of rDME

rDME serves as a transformative solution for over a billion off-grid homes, offering a clean and efficient alternative to high-carbon fuels, particularly in older or remote properties resistant to full electrification. Additionally, in the commercial and industrial sectors, blending rDME with LPG or bioLPG emerges as a strategic approach to accelerate decarbonization, providing high-grade heat solutions and substantial emission reductions, with potential applications extending to the transportation sector for a long-term decarbonization solution.


Manntek Contact us Cenkiz Tesson
Manntek Contact us

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our LPG Business Developer Manager, Cenkiz Tesson

Telephone: +31 652 091 143
E-mail: cenkiz.tesson@manntek.se

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