Pressure Cap

Pressure Cap - Working Pressure PN 25 bar / 363 psi

3rd closure (valve) on Rail tankers, Containers and Tank trucks The MannTek Pressure Cap for Tank units / Adapters is designed to maximize operator safety and containment safety.

The pressure caps are allowed by ADR/RID regulations as 3rd closure on Rail tankers, Containers and Tank trucks. Meaning that the Pressure Cap can be used instead of the traditional Ball Valves.

Features Pressure Cap

• Pressure indicator
• Depressurization
• Customs / tamper seal feature
• Automatic locking
• Manually lockable (with padlock)


Pressure cap 10 bar

Pressure Cap -10 bar

Pressure cap

MannTek Pressure Caps in aluminium can also be used as a second or third closure accordingto ADR/RID pas and have a working pressure of 10 bar.

Technical information, Pressure cap 10 bar

2" (DN50) to 4" (DN100)


Others on request

Maximum working pressure
MWP PN 10 bar
MAWP 150 psi