Innovative accessories

For every product there are accessories. We customize your products with the details that makes the solution complete.
Special handles Innovative Accessories

Special handles

Customized for special applications.

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Pressure bleeding valve Innovative Accessories

Pressure bleeding valve

For special operating conditions where there is the risk of excessive pressure increase through warming…

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Pressure equalizing valve Innovative Accessories

Pressure equalizing valve

If liquid is trapped behind the tank unit, due to a closed valve or the…

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Hose unit with integrated breakaway Innovative Accessories

Hose unit with integrated breakaway

If there is a risk of excessive force on the hose due to unexpected motion…

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Drain connection for tank and hose unit Innovative Accessories

Drain connection for tank and hose unit

For easy draining, venting and sampling.

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Hose unit with electronic sensor Innovative Accessories

Hose unit with electronic sensor

The sensor detects whether the valves are in an open or closed position. The signal…

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Stop before disconnect Innovative Accessories

Stop before disconnect

This is a feature for detecting eventual leakage before disconnecting the hose and the tank…

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Locking device DDC Coupling Innovative Accessories

Locking device

Option for hose units. Once coupled, the connection is automatically locked and can not loosen…

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