Technical Information - Dry Disconnect Couplings

Coupling size:
The couplings are available with BSP- and NPT threads in sizes 1" (DN 25) to 8" (DN 200).

Other threads are available on request (S60X6, Acme etc.).

The tank units and Hose units are also available in flanged connections (DIN, ANSI, TW, TTMA, EN 1092-1:2001).

Aluminium, Brass/Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C and PEEK. Other materials on request.

FPM (Viton®), EPDM, Chemraz®, Kalrez®, NBR (Nitrile). Other materials on request.

Maximum Working pressure:
MWP PN 10 / 16 / 25.
MAWP 150 / 300 psi

Test Pressure:
15 / 24 / 38 bar
225 / 450 psi

Selectivity - Avoid mixing products:
To avoid product contamination caused by connecting a Hose unit to the wrong Tank unit, selective versions of the Hose and Tank units are
available. Each unit has a number of selective positions, designated by a coded part number according to the coupling size.

Electrical conductivity
All DDCouplings® have electrical conductivity (<10 ohms).

Compatibility with other existing brands according to NATO STANAG 3756 and ATOFINA SGM 2049.TUY.C.

Special models:
With integrated break-away, pressure relief valve, etc. on request.