Sampling, Vent or Drain Unit

Sampling, Vent or Drain Unit

Modern airports are using an underground pipeline, for the fuelling of aircrafts. Mobile dispensers are the interface between this hydrant system and the airplane.

They are containing pumps, valves, hoses and couplings to pump the fuel from the hydrant system to the plane. The pipelines are designed with high points, low points and convenient points. If there is condensate in the pipeline, which is heavier than the fuel, it will sink to the low points.

Encapsulated air will rise to the high points. Neither water nor air is very welcome in the pipeline. To get them out of the pipeline there are sampling units at each low point for draining and at each high point for venting. At the convenient point the sampling units are used to take samples of the fuel to check the quality.

Why use MannTek Sampling, Vent or Drain Unit?

  • Take a sample to check the quality of fuel in a hydrant system on airports.
  • Draining of condensate and ventingout of hydrant systems.
  • Preventing pressure drop while sampling by lock valves with fire safe function.
  • Fits into standard 18” external pipe pits with ANSI 6” 300 psi flange.
  • “Easy to Use” – design saves time and minimizes health risks.
  • Relibilty and easy servicing saves your investment.
  • Approved for safe handling by independent “Notified Body”.
  • Connection by 70 mm dry disconnect coupling acc to STANAG 3756.
  • Dry disconnect coupling equipped with built in Pressure Relief and Bleeding Valve function.