MannTek products

Dry Disconnect

Dry Disconnect Couplings
are the given choice for handling any liquid, chemicals, gas etc.

Dry Aviation

Dry aviation couplings
are specially designed for handling aviation fuel and can be found at any point in the aviation fuel logistics.

Dry Gas

Dry Gas Couplings
are a further development from the Dry Disconnect Couplings, specially designed to handle LPG.


Safety Break-away couplings
are used to prevent pull away accidents.

Dry Cryogenic

Dry cryogenic couplings
Dry Cryogenic couplings
are used in LNG applications.

Cryogenic Breakaway

Cryogenic Break-away couplings
Cryogenic Break-away couplings
used to prevent pull away accidents in e.g. LNG applications.

Full Flow

Full Flow Ballvalves
are available in two types, one-way (one inlet, one outlet) or two-way (one inlet and two outlet) in sizes 2" to 4".


are used to allow free rotation movement between hoses, nozzles, pipes etc. and are available in sizes from 3/4" to 10" .

Dry Evotek Couplings

Dry Evotek Couplings
are specially used in the chemical industry and are available in sizes from 1" to 3" .


MannTek products in action

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