LNG solution project controller

Meet our LNG Project Controller Sanna Andersson Eriksson

When Sanna Andersson Eriksson graduated after studying natural sciences at high school, the goal was clear. Her next step was Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a master’s degree in engineering and machine design as specialty 2012. With her sights set on her future, she still missed the smaller town and returned home after the end of her education. In Mariestad there were friends and family. A girl with a strong mind that knew what she wanted to do in life returned to make her dreams come true. 

LNG all the way

At first, she started on a project position at a smaller company where she mostly worked with CAD. Then spent one year as a substitute teacher in mathematics and physics. Then a friend’s dad realized her potential and said she was needed at the Swedish Transport Administration where she worked for just over six months. The job was great and Sanna was really needed but wanted to see something more. Her new contractor job in Skövde lasted for nearly 4 years. In the spring of 2018, she saw an opening at MannTek and applied. Her first interview was fine, and she really liked the company and wished for the employment. When the management called her back, she was agog. Therefor she was very disappointed to hear that they already hired someone for the position. But then she was told that MannTek saw something bigger for her. Her skills and competences could be used in a much better way. This is significant for MannTek Sanna means. The company takes care of knowledge and competence in the best way there is. A skilled person with good values should absolutely work with MannTek.

Their plan that Sanna would work with Liquified natural Gas (LNG) started with standard designs. Then quickly she turned into a sidekick for her colleague Fredrik, who was working on the systems. That was a very educating period and Sanna learned a lot. Then her role has developed and became more and more within the systems. Today she is a “Project controller” but there is a lot more included in her role than the title tells. “I try to structure things when they touch the system, then they come to me. I check documents and orders and always tries to make the process more effective.”

Developing into the future

The company is growing fast which demands resources and new ways and routines. For example, MannTek is creating a separate group for LNG and a new building is now in place. The new building is for LNG and is being built to be able to test indoors and for increased capacity adapted to be able to mount the large connections that are needed. There is also a visitor entrance and conference room. MannTek has gone from a smaller company, that manufactured components (couplings and valves) that were sold through resellers to end customers, to a global corporation that offers designed solutions for the whole business. A remarkable development in a quit short time. Sanna has certainly been a part of this.

Since MannTek started selling couplings for LNG, customers demanded complete bunker systems with couplings remotely operated hose break valves hose, automation, hose saddles etc. The business in this application is typically project sales that run over a long period of time and require a completely different coordination. Here she has been invaluable when it comes to building that organization and structure. She really knows how to put in business systems etc.

A very important part has been to create control and structure for documentation that accompanies such a project. This used to be a weakness at MannTek but today it is a really strong USP when we talk to customers about new projects. “Our weakness has become our strength.” Sanna says. She overlooks control in every part of the chain. “Our brand is responsible for the quality. For example, PERC etc. All parts are connected from order to production to documentation. This of course has to be in total control.” she says.

The MannTek way or no way

She admires how the company gives you free hands and trust where own initiatives are appreciated. “When you see problems, you want to solve them and find a way how to do instead. This is a value-driven organization, and the trust is uniquely.” Sanna says.

The future will demand even more development of data management systems to make documentation and administration even more effective with continuous improvement. For Sanna this is both challenging and exiting. But when you do things together it feels so much easier. To have backup and support.

In addition to her strict and organized work at home in the Mariestad-office, she has been on several trips around the world on so-called commissioning (project on-site) and project meetings. “I have seen exciting boats and shipyards.” Sanna says. It’s often about problem solving on site. And how to communicate isn’t always easy. To talk to shipyard workers in Malaysia can be a challenge. Then it feels good to know that your company and your colleagues stands behind you all the way.

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