Marine / Offshore

Hose connectors used for Supply boat / vessels to supply off shore rigs with necesities such as:

-Base Oil  -Diesel Oil/Fuel -Drill Water  -Drilling Mud
-Potable Water  -Scale Inhibitor

On rigg handling of chemicals and solvents such as:

-Anti freeze  -Methanol etc.

Ship to ship transfer

Dry Disconnect Coupling in action - Offshore/marine 

Bunkering operation between bunker vessel and passenger ferry

Safe industrial offshore couplings with easy handling

The self-sealing design of MannTek’s industrial couplings guarantees both the highest level of safety and the quickest way of connecting and disconnecting. To connect, push and turn; it will be coupled with full flow. To disconnect, turn and pull; it will release with no spillage.

Main products:

  • 2“, 2½“ and 4“ hose and tank units
  • 4“ and 2½“ couplings used for transfer from vessel boats to rigg
  • 2“ couplings used for handling of chemicals and solvents on rigg, ISO containers etc.
  • 4“ and 6“ couplings for ship to ship transfer

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Marine Safety Break-away Coupling applications

  • Marine break-away couplingShip to Rig Fluid Transfer
  • Ship to Shore Fluid Transfer
  • Ship to Ship Fluid Transfer
  • Bunkering, Marine Refuelling

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Video-demo with Safety Break-away coupling