MannTek LNG solutions deliver ship to ship transfer system to Antony Veder

Monday, 11 June, 2018

MannTek has delivered a complete transfer system to Antony Veder which is going to be part of the modification of the LNG carrier Coral Methane into an LNG bunker vessel. Starting in 2019 to cover the LNG bunkering demands across Europe, the primary operating area is going to be the southern parts of the North Sea as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

The system includes an 8 inch PERC and 6 inch MannTek Dry Cryogenic Couplings. The transfer line also includes the MannTek innovative designed nitrogen activated PERC's monitored and controlled by the high pressure nitrogen system (HPN2). The HPN2 monitors, controls and releases the PERC's by utilising high pressure Nitrogen and controls the pressure right to the face of the valve before and during the LNG transfer. Using an innovative low pressure nitrogen system which is monitored continuously ensures that on ESD2 the valve will separate. This system is also including a programmed PLC that monitors the transfer and has included automatic checks support. The system is SIL2 rated by DNV.