LNG Transfer Systems

MannTek LNG transfer systems feature simple ease of use and safe and reliable designs. All components in the system are designed or carefully selected with safety as the highest concern. The simplicity and reliability of our components lead to highest safety level. This, combined with our vast experience in the majority of LNG bunkering projects around the world and our participation in the leading regulatory and trade associations, ensures the final product is both cutting edge, employs the most current knowledge and meets today’s compliance level.

LNG transfer systems

Dry Cryogenic Couplings, DCC

DCCThe DCC (QC/DC), Dry Cryogenic Couplings, uses the same design principles as our Dry Disconnect Couplings which have been in use for more than 25 years. These couplings have been successfully used in applications ranging from fuel transfer, chemical processing in harsh environments and the tough demands of offshore applications. The mechanical design principals of our DCC couplings date back to the 1940’s when they were first used Aviation industry.

The proven self-sealing valve design contains products in transfer lines at all times and protects operators, environment and equipment.

Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings, CBC

cbcThe CBC, Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings, product line is available in three different designs making them suitable for a wide array of applications. All three configurations use the same reliable and well-proven closure mechanism with an optimized poppet designed to close off and stop the flow while containing the product in the hose and pipe.

Complete Transfer Systems can be designed to meet specific installation requirements by utilizing our unique module design configurator. Transfer solutions can be tailored to meet exact design specifications, safety requirements and local and international regulations that may apply.

A transfer system design consists of a DCC coupling, CBC breakaway and a hose line and may include more complex solutions such as the PERC (breakaway), HPN2 release power pack system, hose saddles and ESD 1&2 wired system.

Powered Emergency Release Coupling, PERC

PercPERC (Powered Emergency Release Coupling), utilizing the well proven technology from the breaking pin design breakaways but with the ability to actively and remotely release the coupling without strain on the transfer system. The release of the coupling is achieved by injecting high pressure Nitrogen into a dedicated chamber in the coupling body resulting in instantaneous release of the PERC.

Since the PERC is based on the same design of the breaking pin technology. The PERC will also activate and respond to stress on the loading system and release. This gives the PERC both an active and passive security level which means that the PERC is a safety device working to 100% even if power is out (black out). 


High Pressure Nitrogen, HPN2


HPN2 (High Pressure Nitrogen) power unit is the dedicated release system for the MannTek PERC coupling. The HPN2 unit includes the complete control, monitoring and release system utilizing high pressure Nitrogen as release echanism. The system also features a pilot pressure to constantly control the system and keep the system free from moisture and ice. Nitrogen has a lower freezing point than LNG so no additional heating or circulation system is required, Nitrogen is non-hazardous and release or loss of nitrogen requires no clean up.


ESD 1&2 system

ESD 1 2

ESD 1&2
 system is designed as a vessel separation system utilizing two robust wires. When sudden movement occurs (vessel drift off), the wires will be stretched and when reaching a pre-set pul/load the wires will activate the ESD switches. At first the ESD 1, and then with continued movement the ESD 2 switches will be activated. Output from the ESD 1&2 control device are standard electrical signals that can be used for any control systems and can be directly implemented in to the MannTek HPN2 (High Pressure N2) PERC release system.


LNG transfer hoses

LNG transfer hosesLNG transfer Hoses are offered for various applications and requirements. MannTek supplies mainly two different hose technologies, either a composite hose or a stainless steel design, no matter of which hose technology you chose MannTek makes sure that safety is the highest priority and comes with highest level of certifications and approvals.

- 1” to 8”

- WP 10-25 bar

LNG transfer hose assemblies 

LNG transfer hose assemblies are custom-built for the specific application and designed to meet flow rates and safety requirements. Both composite hose and stainless steel metal hose designed for LNG service are available in 1" through 8" sizes for both transfer and vapor service. Our LNG transfer experience ensures safety with all components of the bunkering system.

MannTek offers a wide range of hose handling accessories which can be included in any of our designed systems, such as:

  • Hose Saddles
  • Hose Lifting devices
  • Hose Protection Covering


FAT of MannTek 4" LNG Transfer systems for ship bunkering