Ship to Shore

Ship-to-Shore operations are typically where LNG is transferred from a ship to an onshore storage terminal or depot. Similar systems are used for Shore-to-Ship where LNG is transferred from the storage terminal or depot to a ship.

The design can vary based on application - bunkering an LNG propelled ship or loading an LNG carrier. The ship-to-shore operations are generally performed in sensitive environments and requires a very high safety concern and all circumstances that may have an impact on the operations needs to be thoroughly considered.

Ship to shore

Ship to shore LNG

The following products are available for transfer systems for ship-to-shore transfers:

  • DCC -Dry Cryogenic Couplings
  • CBC -Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings
  • PERC -Powered Emergency Release Couplings
  • LNG Transfer Hose
  • HPN2 Power Unit
  • ESD1&2 system -Wire utilized ship drift of control system