LNG transfer and LNG bunkering Ship to ship

Ship-to-Ship (STS) indicates the transfer of LNG, LNG bunkering, from one ship to another. STS operations include both two ocean-going ships underway or harbor operations where moored ship is normally moored or docked at a pier. LNG transfer ship to ship occurs with various types of vessels to include LNG carrier, FSRU, LNGRV, LNG feeder vessel or LNG bunker barge or vessel. The STS operation can either be a cargo transfer or a fueling operation for a LNG propelled ship.

Ship to ship LNG bunkering

STS operations demand strict safety standards and flawless execution considering the factors involved with two ships at sea. The following products are available for transfer systems for this service:

  • DDC -Dry Cryogenic Couplings
  • CBC -Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings
  • PERC -Powered Emergency Release Couplings
  • LNG Transfer Hose
  • HPN2 Power Unit
  • ESD1&2 system -Wire utilized ship drift of control system

STS = LNG Transfer Ship to Ship

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