Manan Shah on visit from India

Meet Manan Shah, the National Sales Manager for MannTek in India

Manan Shah’s expertise in mechanical engineering and sales, combined with his in-depth knowledge of the Indian market, will make him a key figure in MannTek’s expansion into India. With his passion for delivering the finest Dry Disconnect Couplings and Breakaway Couplings available and his exceptional communication skills, Manan will become a valuable member of the MannTek team. 

After discovering MannTek’s superior product portfolio, Manan reached out to us and our colleague Cenkiz Tesson to explore the possibility of working together. 

“I aim to provide my customers with the finest quick disconnect couplings available in the market, which is why I sought out MannTek.” – Manan Shah. 

Expanding into a new market is a significant endeavor that requires careful planning and execution. One of the most critical factors that determine the success of such an undertaking is the person we hire to lead the charge in the new market. That individual must have the right skills, experience, and knowledge to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when entering a new market. 

With a background in mechanical engineering and sales, Manan’s unique perspective and comprehensive knowledge of the Indian market made him the ideal candidate to lead our expansion into India. 

Mikael Wallin, CFO of MannTek, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Manan, stating that when they were contacted by him, they knew immediately that they had found the perfect fit for their expansion into India. 

The MannTek Way 

Our company values guide us every day. We work together to constantly develop ourselves, our products, and the company – always with our customers in focus. When every co-worker shares knowledge, skills, and dedication, we are able to grow together. An entrepreneurial spirit with no hierarchy. Or as we call it – the MannTek way. You are always welcome to see for yourself. 

By hiring Manan, we will gain a better understanding of the Indian market and its customers, which will benefit our company. Additionally, Manan will collaborate closely with us to introduce our company’s values to the Indian market while also enlightening us on Indian values. 

Manan visiting MannTek Sweden 

At our company, we believe that welcoming new hires with open arms is important, especially when it comes to remote workers. That’s why we have a special introductory period for all new employees, during which we take extra care to ensure that they feel fully integrated into our company culture and operations. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Manan at our office for a few weeks. During his visit, Manan had the opportunity to meet with colleagues from all of our different departments, allowing him to gain a better understanding of how our company functions as a whole. 

Furthermore, we arranged for Manan to spend some time in our production facility, where he was able to witness firsthand the intricate processes and techniques that go into manufacturing our quick disconnect couplings. This experience not only gave him a deeper appreciation for the products we manufacture, but also allowed him to gain valuable insights into our production operations. 

Manan Shah in the production learning from Anders Broberg.

We believe that taking the time to properly integrate our new hires is essential to their long-term success and satisfaction with their role, and we are committed to continuing this practice for all future employees. 

After the visit Manan says:
“I want to thank all you guys in Sweden and special thanks to Mr. Cenkiz, Mr. Rickard, Mr. Mikael and Mr. Markus, looking forward to visit Sweden again in the future.”  

The picture shows Rickard Axelsson, Manan Shah and Mikael Welin.

What now? 

Manan is embarking on an exciting journey that will take him on a path towards making MannTek the leading company in India for quick disconnect couplings. As he sets out on this new adventure, he is filled with determination and passion for his work. He knows that it won’t be easy, but he is ready to take on any challenges that come his way. 

Manan says: While MannTek is a leader in quick disconnect couplings, the company has yet to fully tap into the potential of the Indian market. 

Manan is driven by his vision of creating a company that not only excels in providing high-quality quick disconnect couplings but also delivers exceptional service to its customers. He understands that the key to success is not only in delivering the best products but also in building strong relationships with clients and partners. 

Manan is not alone on this journey, as he is supported by colleagues who share his vision and passion at the MannTek office in Sweden. Together, we are committed to making MannTek a household name in India when it comes to quick disconnect couplings. 

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