MannTek Design 2.0

Our Mission – to design the best Dry Disconnect Coupling

With over one million produced couplings and 25+ years of experience from developing, designing, and producing leading design for Dry Disconnect Couplings with the customers in focus we have the experience and knowledge to be the best. 

The development project has been clear, design the best DDC but do not forget our strong heritage of performance, safety, user experience and service friendliness. Nurture the inheritage and develop the product for an optimized performance.

The new design of DDC carries on the sucessful MannTek heritage.

  • Integrated connection indicator.
  • Improved handling, less connection force required.
  • No sharp edges or protrutions.
  • Smooth surfaces thanks to new protection bumper.
  • Slim design reduces footprint.
  • Improved durability.

Ergonomic studies and conclusions

Operators and end users were studied in real applications and usage. Results of studies were implemented in the new design. Ergonomic field studies show that the connection process consists of three steps: lifting/handling the hose line, aligning the DDC for connection and connecting the DDC by rotating 105 degrees.

  • ”Diamond shaped” handle grip optimized for comfort and force.
  • Convenient ”push surface” for increase of applied torque, when needed.
  • Minimized shank footprint diameter.

Integrated design improves performance and handling performance

Design 2.0 of DDC features new handle design for a more balanced lifting/handling, clear indicator for easier alignment, improved design with up to 50% less connection force and integrates additional features such as sensors, locking device, stop before disconnect etc.

The current DDC design still performs among the best in the market for flow/pressure drop performance and is a further improvement to be the best – and the results are clear:

  • Flow performance improved by up to 39%.
  • Best flow/pressure drop performance in the market.
  • Result: reduced loading/unloading times.
  • Connection force for connecting less than 50% of previous design.

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