We hosted stakeholders from UK rDME Project

At the end of April, we hosted key stakeholders from the UK rDME Project to discuss the latest developments in producing renewable and recycled carbon DME (rDME) from household waste to blend with propane for the UK domestic and industrial market.

Our Guests were:

  • Stephen Hallett, Operations Director, Dimeta.
  • George Webb, CEO Liquid Gas UK Association.
  • Clive Doyle, Managing Director Island Energy Jersey.
  • Tord Lindberg, Manager Flogas Sweden.

We shared the latest test results of elastomers for use in our Dry Gas rDME Couplings and demonstrated the advantages of the new ‘Design 2’ Dry Gas coupling compared with industry benchmarks and our previous design.

Insights from Industry visionaries

Steve Hallett presented an overview of Dimeta’s activities, including the process of converting household waste into rDME. He also discussed the latest update on the supply of rDME into the UK. 

George Webb informed the group of the LGUK Association’s road map to place rDME at the heart of the UKs drive to renewable fuels via various industry trials and discussions with Gov.UK.

Clive Doyle gave the group valuable insight into the Island Energy Group workings and strategy to drive greener fuels and safety improvements in Jersey, Guernsey and The Isle of Man.

We were very pleased to receive Tord Linberg and hear of Flogas Sweden’s experience using and transporting rDME over the last 10 years. All agreed that the information Tord shared was extremely useful, and we appreciate his participation in this visit.

Left to right: Marcus Bäckström, Cenkiz Tesson, Clive Doyle, Steve Hallett, George Webb, Chris Franks and Tord Lindberg.

Technical Presentations

The group was also given various presentations from our Technical Team including:

  • Gerhard Kopplin (Technical Director)
  • Henrik Thunborg (BDM LNG & Hydrogen Solutions)
  • Lars Lindell (Technical Design Lead)
  • Cenkiz Tesson (BDM LPG Global)
  • Markus Bäckstrom (Managing Director)

The visit was organised by Chris Franks (BDM UK & Ireland) who expressed his gratitude to all guests who had travelled long and far to make the trip and the entire MannTek team who helped to make this event a great success. Also special thanks to Paul Manion LGUK rDME Project Manager for his assistance in communicating the trip to the rDME working Group.

Anders Eskilsson and Lars Lindell show the differences in design 2.0 vs our old coupling design.

ps. Steve was especially impressed with the Swedish Sandwich Cake we had for lunch!


Chris will be organising future trips to the factory in Sweden later this year. If you would like to express an interest in going please contact Chris.

Manntek Contact us Chris Franks

Chris Franks
UK & IRE Business De­vel­op­ment Manager
+44 79 852 028 86

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