AdBlue ( AdBlue DEF / Aus 32 / Arla 32 )

AdBlue® (AdBlue DEF / Aus 32 / Arla 32) is a acqueus non toxic urea solution to ISO 22241 (DIN 70070) and contributes to reduce NOx exhaust emission by injection into SCR ‘ s (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems on Heavy Duty Diesel engines.

After the introduction of the new EURO 4 and EURO 5 standards the use of AdBlue® within the heavy vehicle industry is set to increase. With this new technology the EURO 5 emissions regulations are fulfilled.
Refuelling with AdBlue® urea solution (or as in the U.S, DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is not unlike standard diesel refuelling. For non spill bulk transfer, MannTek recommend the use of our 70 mm (2”) and 119 mm (3”) range of Dry disconnect couplings in Stainless Steel according to standard NATO STANAG 3756.

AdBlue freezes at below -11°C. This must be considered in the construction and operation of the dispenser. AdBlue consists of 32,5% urea and 67,5% water.

Functioning of the SCR catalysator

AdBlue® is stored in a separate tank on the truck. The usage ratio is about 5 % of the Diesel consumption. For the fleet operator it is a question of economics to fit the necessary equipment.

AdBlue SCR catalysator

Vehicles with AdBlue systems show increased power output and reduced Diesel consumption. In some countries there will be fiscal incentives for cleaner vehicles.

Dry disconnect couplings for safe transfer of AdBlue®

MannTek main product is the Dry Disconnect Couplings, DDCouplings®, for spill free liquid handling. Use MannTek Dry Disconnect Coupling for spill free transfers of AdBlue (AdBlue DEF / Aus 32 / Arla 32) between delivery vehicle and storage tank.

AdBlue system



Dry disconnect coupling 2 inches for AdBlueDry Disconnect Coupling
(DDCoupling) Ø70 mm (2”)
Hose and Tank unit in Stainless
Steel, standard for IBC containers.



Dry disconnect coupling 3 inches for AdBlueDry Disconnect Coupling
(DDCoupling) Ø119mm (3”)
Hose and Tank unit in Stainless
Steel, standard for ISO containers
and Tank trucks.



Do not hesite to contact us for more information about our coupling solutions for AdBlue systems and AdBlue (AdBlue DEF / Aus 32 / Arla 32) .