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MannTek, Mann Teknik AB, is a Swedish company and coupling manufacturer located in Mariestad, Sweden. Mann Teknik AB produces and markets products for safe and environmentally friendly handling of aggressive fluids for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

MannTek has established an affiliated company in Hangzhou, China. Our office is located in Singapore Park. Find all contact info and more info at


Dry disconnect couplingThe main product is the Dry Disconnect Couplings, DDCouplings®, for spill free liquid handling. The products are marketed through independent representatives in more than 30 countries.

 Mann Teknik AB have many years of experience in designing, producing and marketing of DDCouplings® all since 1977.



Produced in accordance with important standards

Manufacturer of Dry disconnect couplings  Producing Dry Disconnect Couplings

Mann Teknik AB has shown a high rate of growth during the past years and is now a major player in its specialised field of operation. This is due to a determined expansion into growing markets and recognition by customers of the robust design and reliable quality of the products.

Mann Teknik AB are certified to ISO9001:2015. The products are CE-labeled. The main products are certified to PED, the European Pressure Equipment Directive and ATEX, the European directive for Equipment intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.

The products are produced in accordance with several important standards, e.g. the NATO STANAG 3756

MannTek products in action

MannTek is a coupling manufacturer.